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Yesterday, Governor Cooper announced that North Carolina will remain in Phase 2 of his COVID-19 reopening plan. Although Phase 2 restrictions were set to expire this Friday, this instead means that many businesses across our state such as gyms and bars will stay closed for at least three more weeks than originally planned. He also announced a statewide mandate that people aged 11 and older cover their faces in public.

In recent weeks, lawmakers have sent five bills to the Governor that would have re-opened businesses, only to have all five vetoed. At the moment, North Carolina is the only state in the entire South with restrictions in place keeping gyms and bars closed.

Regardless of whether you agree with Governor Cooper keeping our state under Phase 2, this is another important reminder of just how much work we will have to do rebuilding our state and our economy.

Many businesses are already on their last lifeline after having been closed for several months. As we plot a path towards reopening NC and developing economic prosperity, the General Assembly will need experienced leaders who know how to build businesses and develop opportunities.

I've spent my life doing just that. I want to win in November to help build better lives for the businesses, families, and community members in our 7th NC House district.

With your help I will make a difference in the legislature by providing real business world experience to help guide North Carolina’s recovery. To do that, I need your help. An important fundraising deadline is coming up in less than seven days, please consider making a contribution to my campaign. We are $7,500 away from reaching our goal for the campaign finance report. I am out every day working to help the citizens of the district and to win in November I need the resources to get my message out. Your contribution is vital to my success. I urge you to make your donation today, don’t hesitate. I am grateful for your support.

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Winslow for NC House 

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