These numbers are pretty serious...

Would you consider making a much needed $5 end of month campaign donation today towards making sure we stay competitive?

We have less than 100 days until the upcoming November election. There's a lot at stake already, but a couple of numbers I wanted to share with you show how serious and competitive it will be:

  • NC is considered one of the nation’s top battlegrounds for winning the Presidency and controlling the US Senate. 
  • In 2020, Democrats in both chambers of the NC General Assembly have set fundraising milestones.
  • Democratic caucuses in the NC Senate and House have each raised more than $1 million to help down ballot candidates like my opponent, far surpassing what they had in 2018.
  • Democrats need to flip 5 seats in the Senate and 6 in the House to win majorities for the first time since 2010. 
  • Both chambers of the NCGA are top targets in the DLCC’s $50m “Flip Everything” campaign to win legislative majorities in NC  and states across the country this year.
  • NC is one of the 7 key states being targeted by these special interest groups

In short, these numbers are pretty serious, and show what we're up against. Special interest groups are trying to get their values elected, not yours. They are ready to spend millions of dollars to help flip control of the NCGA, and flip traditional red seats to blue likes those in our 7th NC House District. It would be tragic for us to work as hard as we have been, only for some big money out of state liberal group that supports Pelosi, AOC, and Schumer, to come in at the last minute, dump hundreds of thousands of dollars for my opponent, and buy our seat. 

Would you consider making a much needed first time $5 end of month campaign donation today towards making sure we stay competitive?

If you're unable to make a donation today, would you consider instead donating your time by clicking here and sending me an email letting me know you're interested in helping my campaign by volunteering?


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Winslow for NC House 

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