Commissioner Sherry Mercer Endorses Matthew to #WinForNC

Sherry Mercer currently serves as a Commissioner for the Bunn NC Town Council. For her service to the community, Sherry received the Outstanding Municipal Elected Official award at the 2018 Kerr-Tar Regional Council of Governments Annual Awards Banquet.

Sherry Mercer, Commissioner in Bunn NC, endorses Matthew to #WinForNC in NC House District 7:

I, Commissioner Sherry Mercer, have personally worked beside Matthew Winslow on several projects for the Town Of Bunn and with the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce. Matthew is very active in his community by donating time and support. I respect Matthew's decisions for he always analyze the situations And thinks about his decisions and how it can affect others before he acts or replies. He has great character and is a man of his word.
Sherry Mercer

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