Back to school nightmare

Donate $5 today to help me #WinForNC and win for parents, teachers, and students by advancing school choice options and funding opportunities.

Recently, NC's two largest school districts announced a plan to reopen schools that leaves students attending class in-person one week and then learning from home for two.

In response, on July 1st the notice of intent to homeschool website run by the state crashed from the unprecedented demand of parents. The response reveals a crisis among parents already hit hard by the economic impact of COVID-19 and the need to provide for childcare these past couple months.

Instead of addressing this problem, last week Governor Cooper announced that NC's back to school plans would resemble these districts. For families, it's become a nightmare, and one which hits our district's low-income and rural families who don't even have rural broadband access hardest.

Governor Cooper and Democratic leadership have ignored the needs of rural and middle-class families that make up districts like ours. Instead of expanding school choice options and bringing broadband access to rural families, they've simply left parents to fend for themselves. To make matters worse, they have even gone after charter schools and defunding the Opportunity Scholarship, both which greatly benefit low-income families.

If elected to the General Assembly, I promise to advance education options that help—not hinder—our families by increasing school choice options, funding opportunities, and rural broadband access.

If you agree with me, would you consider making a much needed $5 campaign donation today towards helping me #WinForNC and win for families, educators, and students?


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Winslow for NC House 

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