Right to Life


All people, no matter their stage of human development, gender, race, socioeconomic status, location, mental development, disability, or education level have the right to life. They deserve to be treated with dignity and respect and afforded the opportunity to become the best version of themselves. Gov. Cooper vetoed a requirement that children who survive abortions to be administered emergency medical care. He stated that these situations do not happen. As evidenced by countless others who have shared their personal survival experiences, this is simply untrue and the law must be changed to protect the most vulnerable among us.

As the child of a teenage mother, who was pressured to have an abortion, I’m thankful she made the choice of life, and because of her decision and the difficulties she went through by being a single mother of four children, I support pro-life organizations and programs that help vulnerable women medically, financially, spiritually, as well as provided counseling.

ICE Bill

The Wake County Sheriff refuses to cooperate with ICE by allowing criminals to go free into communities that they have victimized. Hard working, tax paying, and otherwise law-abiding immigrants are welcomed and supported in our district. Their contributions help make our state stronger.

Economic Development

North Carolina has the 9th largest economy and in order for that to continue, our government should work alongside small businessmen and women so that they can thrive and provide jobs to spur economic growth. Personally, I’m a small business owner and I know what it’s like to have to jump through hoops just to get a business off the ground and I want to eliminate as many obstacles as possible so that entrepreneurs can realize can flourish. As the chairs of the Franklin County Economic Committee and the nonprofit group The Committee of 100, I made it a priority to work with local and state officials to bring more jobs and economic opportunities into our area. And as your state senator, I will continue to make economic growth and jobs a priority.


As a parent of two school aged children who have attended both public and private schools, I am a vocal advocate of school choice- whether that be a traditional public school setting, homeschooling, dual enrollment, charter schools, magnet schools, or private schools. Parents and guardians, not special interest groups, should be empowered to make the decisions that will best educate their child. My wife, a former public school teacher, and I know what it’s like to love the school that your children attend, but have to make the decision to do what’s best to meet the learning style/needs of your kids.

My support for education doesn’t stop at school choice, our teachers should be supported as well in the classroom by fully funding programs and providing classroom supplies, so they are not reaching into their own pockets to fund their classrooms. I will continue to work with the nonprofit group The Education Foundation, which supports local public schools and teachers, and financially supported those local public schools because I don’t believe we should abandon the children or teachers in them.

Community College

We need to continue to fund and support our community college system, which is one of the greatest in the nation. To that end, we need to increase and encourage the focus of highly skilled trade jobs in high school to help with students who are not interested or don’t need a 4-year degree program.

4-Year College

As a first-generation college graduate, I know how important of a milestone this is to families. Unfortunately, the cost of a four-year programs has become a stumbling block for most Americans.  To combat this, we need to lower the cost of higher education as well as educate students on how to properly manage student loans. We also need to ensure that high schools are fully equipped to help students find debt-free ways to pay for college.

Teacher Pay

It’s been said that without teachers, we wouldn’t have any other professions. As the husband of a former public school teacher, I completely agree and to that end, our teachers should be well-compensated for the work they do in the classroom. Our educators should not be paying for classroom supplies out of their own pockets. Every teacher in our state should be treated with dignity and respect, instead of pawns in a political game that no one can win.


Without our farmers, we wouldn’t have food. As the grandson of a farmer, I know how hard our famers work and how much their families sacrifice to produce the food we eat each day. And we need to protect them from frivolous lawsuits that they can’t afford to fight. They also need financial relief while our President fights for our farmers to get the best prices for their crops. This can be done through temporary subsidies and by building on programs that have higher returns than traditional crops, like sage and organic grain sorghum. Young adults who show an interest in agriculture should be encouraged and educated on how to be successful. With older generations of farmers retiring, we lose the backbone of North Carolina if we don’t encourage, education and provide resources to young adults who show an interest in agriculture.


Medicaid is a broken system and throwing an additional 330 million dollars on top of the $2 billion annually to federal and state tax payers at a program to expand it to include able-bodied adults without dependent children is not the remedy. A better solution would be to help those who can work to become better educated and skilled. Medicaid should be reserved for those who need it the most.


Because we do have a robust and growing economy, the population in our distract is growing an average of sixty-four people per day, and in the next decade, our population is expected to double. We need to ensure that our DOT road funds are not mismanaged, or worse, robbed to pay for special interest programs. Having smart policies in place to protect our major thoroughfares will not only help increase traffic flow but make our roads safer for motorists. To achieve those goals, we need to reinstate the funding for the expansion of 401 as well as support the super highway plans for US 1 North which will make NC attractive to businesses and create more jobs for North Carolinians.

Opioid Epidemic

700,000 people have died from Opioid abuse in the past 18 years. On average, 130 people die each day from opioid abuse. In NC alone it’s 30 people per week. We now have death rates six times higher than in 1999. Education on the danger of prescription opioids for our residents is the key to decreasing deaths. Most people assume that because the pills are prescribed by a doctor they trust, that they are safe, and this is far from the truth. I support strengthening the STOP ACT. It would reduce the number of pills and how often that a doctor can prescribe their patients.

Broadband to Rural Areas

With the speed of the world today and the demand for technology, the Internet has become a necessary utility. Unfortunately, much of our rural communities do not have access to high speed Internet. We need to work with providers to give equal access so that those communities can prosper.

Gun Rights

The Second Amendment already protects our rights to own guns in order to hunt, protect our lives and private property. Our right to own firearms are what keeps us free from a tyrannical government, but that right is under attack from people who don’t think that the 20 thousand plus gun laws that we already have in place are enough. Instead, we should enforce the laws we already have and punish criminals to the fullest extent, not punish law abiding citizens