As a parent of two school aged children who have attended both public and private schools, I am a vocal advocate of school choice- whether that be a traditional public school setting, homeschooling, dual enrollment, charter schools, magnet schools, or private schools. Parents and guardians, not special interest groups, should be empowered to make the decisions that will best educate their child. My wife, a former public school teacher, and I know what it’s like to love the school that your children attend, but have to make the decision to do what’s best to meet the learning style/needs of your kids.

My support for education doesn’t stop at school choice, our teachers should be supported as well in the classroom by fully funding programs and providing classroom supplies, so they are not reaching into their own pockets to fund their classrooms. I will continue to work with the nonprofit group The Education Foundation, which supports local public schools and teachers, and financially supported those local public schools because I don’t believe we should abandon the children or teachers in them.