The need for more rural care:

If you agree that local affordable rural healthcare is important to our district, can you donate to helping us #WinforNC?

As I listen to people I visit with throughout the district, I continue to hear them voice their problems with access to local and affordable health care. 

Care in our area has been limited and recently I read a report conducted by East Carolina University, noting that since 2013 nine rural communities have lost their maternity units for labor and delivery services.

The study highlighted to me the challenges families face in rural areas for quality health care. Data from the study shows once the maternity units close or leave they rarely reopen.

This is a huge problem for women in need and the overall community. 

As your legislator, I will take these messages I’ve heard with me to Raleigh to fight for more availability and affordability of health care for the entire district and work harder for those in rural parts of the area. 

I will work with health care providers, insurance companies, and groups such as the National Rural Health Association to help patients have access to the care they need at affordable prices. 

If you agree with me that we need more accessible and affordable rural health care, can I ask for your support with a donation today to make it happen?

Your Friend,

Winslow for NC House 

PS: February 29th is the last day to vote early. If you haven't already, would you consider using our #WinForNC Voter Toolkit to help you easily get all your election related tools and find your nearest voting location to go vote early today?

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