December 10, 2019
Contact: Matthew Winslow

Major announcement: Let's win for NC

Yesterday, I went on the Steve Noble Radio Show and announced I am running for NC Senate District 18. Today, I made it official and signed the papers.

The people of Franklin and Wake Counties need to have their voices heard. I believe my unique experiences will allow me to bridge the urban-rural divide so that we can address the critically important issues of education, transportation, and economic development. 

I’m focused on winning for voters across the district – winning the fight for education for students and families, winning the fight for jobs in the area, and winning the battle against the traffic with safer roads and reduced traffic.

I am a builder and a problem solver. When Youngsville needed help revitalizing their downtown, I rolled up my sleeves and got to work, repurposing and remodeling several commercial buildings.

When my company was awarded Business of the Year by the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce, it was an award for the community and an award for cooperation and vision.

I have always strived to give back, through family, church, Wake County Habitat for Humanity, Homes for Hope, the Education Foundation and now through public service. I believe we can improve the quality of life for all residents of District 18 by working together.

WATCH: Matthew Winslow announces he is running for NC Senate District 18 on the Steve Noble Radio Show

As a small business owner, I will continue championing present and future entrepreneurs as I've done while serving on the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce Board, and when I chaired The Committee of 100 and the Economic Development Committee in order to stimulate growth and provide opportunities for businesses to flourish.

I will champion the traditional conservative values such as supporting the second amendment and fostering a culture of life, and I will focus on the common sense issues of Senate District 18, including transportation, education, attacking the opioid epidemic, support for our farmers, and most importantly, getting results to improve the quality of life for the hard-working families in the district.

I'm not here to simply win a political office. I believe in the local community, and I know what it takes for all of us to win. I'm running for NC Senate District 18 to help the hard-working families in Franklin and Wake Counties and the state win.

{{recipient.first_name_or_friend}}, will you help me win for NC? Would you consider making sure our race has a strong head start and the resources it needs to make sure we win this race by making a donation today of $100, $250, $500, or any other amount you can make?

This is an open seat race and one of the most competitive in the state and I cannot do this alone and please consider making your most generous donation right away.

Thank you,

Winslow for NC Senate 

PS: As a friend, I’d like to personally ask you to help me start strong by building our campaign and momentum. Would you consider visiting this page and taking the seven steps to help us spread the word?

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