Less than 5 weeks away:


(Time Left to Make End-of-Month Donation)

With the election less than 5 week away, we cannot take anything for granted. This year the Democrats want nothing more than to take back control of the NC House, and are prepared to invest heavily to do so. It is up to me and my campaign, to make sure we get my conservative message out to voters. 

That is why I am asking for your support. Now, more than ever, we need legislators that do the job, and not just politic. I’ve spent my life fixing problems and filling holes. And now I feel called to do this in the General Assembly. 

As a small business owner, I understand the importance of lowering taxes, reducing regulations and making sure we keep our schools and community safe. As a businessman, I will take this work experience to the legislature. The legislature needs to be made up of people with real life business experience, not career politicians. 

We have a big fundraising goal to hit this month. I’d be mighty grateful for your support today.

You can donate online here: secure.anedot.com/winslownc/matt.

You can mail a check to Matthew Winslow for NC House, PO Box 610, Youngsville, NC 27696.

Thank you for your support,

Matthew Winslow for NC House

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