Important update: Let's win for House District 7

I had been preparing for a senate race for many months, and after I filed, I received a call from Representative Barnes who asked me to reconsider and run for her open seat. I talked with my family, friends, and prayed upon it, and made the decision to seek the House seat.  I am much more familiar with this district and have a strong sense of the communities in it.

I will take my work experience to the legislature and focus on the priorities of the people in Franklin and Nash Counties. The legislature needs to be made up of people with real life business experiences, not career politicians. I’m looking forward to working to strengthening our education system, improving our roads, and advocating for policies to grow our economy.

With Representative Lisa Stone Barnes running for the State Senate, the seat will be vacant and I'm looking to follow in her footsteps and be a problem solver for the constituents in District 7. 

I’m focused on winning for voters across the district – winning the fight for education for students and families, winning the fight for jobs in the area, and winning the battle for safer roads and reduced traffic.

As a small business owner, I have a record of championing present and future entrepreneurs. My record serving on the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce Board, and chairing The Committee of 100 and the Economic Development Committee, proves my resolve to stimulate growth and provide opportunities for businesses to flourish.

I am a conservative who supports the second amendment and I'm deeply pro-life. My campaign will focus on the common sense issues of House District 7, including transportation, education, attacking the opioid epidemic, supporting for our farmers, and most importantly, getting results to improve the quality of life for the hard-working families in the district.

Friend, if you support these winning values, will you consider making a needed donation today of $100, $250, $500, or any other amount you can give?

If you are unable to make a donation, could I personally ask you to help me start our campaign with a winning momentum by visiting this page and taking seven steps to help us spread the word?

Thank you,

Winslow for NC House 

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