Teacher Pay:

It's been said that without teachers, we wouldn't have any other professions. As the husband of a former public school teacher, I agree entirely, and to that end, our teachers should be well-compensated for the work they do. Teachers shouldn't be paying for classroom supplies out of their own pockets. Every educator in our state should be treated with dignity and respect, instead of pawns in a political game that no one can win. 


As a parent of two school-aged children who have attended both public and private schools, I am a vocal advocate of an education system for all—whether that be a traditional public school setting, homeschooling, dual enrollment, charter schools, magnet schools, or private schools. Parents and guardians, not special interest groups, should be empowered to make the decisions that will best educate their child. 

I will continue to support the nonprofit group The Education Foundation, which financially gives back to local public schools, because I believe schools are an integral part of our community and should be supported.

Community College:

We need to continue to fund and support our community college system, which is one of the greatest in the nation. To that end, we should increase and encourage the focus of highly-skilled trade jobs in high school to help students who are not interested in or don't need a four-year degree.

4-Year College:

As a first-generation college graduate, I know how important of a milestone this is to families. Unfortunately, the cost of a four-year degree has become a stumbling block for most Americans. To combat this, we need to lower the cost of higher education as well as educate students on how to manage student loans properly. We also need to ensure that high schools are fully prepared to help students find debt-free ways to pay for college. 

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