Building deadline coming up:

Time left until next major campaign fundraising deadline. Click here to make a needed donation before time runs out.

Friend --

When it comes to building, there are usually a couple of things you need:

  • You've got to start with a plan/blueprint that guides the vision of what it is you want to build. You then need leadership that can follow that plan and execute it.
  • However, it doesn't matter if you have the best plan and the best leadership, if you don't have any workers and material to actually build it. 

I've got a plan to #WinForNC, a lifetime of proven leadership experience, and an assembled team of talented workers, but to run a campaign that wins in November, it also takes the ability to buy materials such as digital ads, mailers, yard-signs, and much more. 

And as with any building project, there are deadlines. In about 20 days, we're coming up on a major deadline: the June 30th reporting deadline.

What we raise by the end of this month will tell me what materials I can afford and work with to win in November. 

If you support my campaign, and believe I personally have what it takes to help #WinForNC, would you consider clicking here to visit and making a much needed donation today?


I'm so grateful for your support. Thank you for believing in me, and helping me win for businesses, families, and our community in the 7th NC House District.

Your Friend,

Winslow for NC House 

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