It’s hard to believe that during this time of upheaval and unrest in our communities that anyone would call for defunding of our police. However, that’s exactly what currently elected Democrat officials and candidates have done in exchange for campaign money. North Carolina’s citizens will be left to wonder if their local police department has enough resources to protect their families. It shows that they are out of touch and not listening to the majority of their constituents.

According to Gallop, 81% of Black Americans and 86% of All Americans want an increase in police presence or for it to remain the same.

The only people who benefit from less funding for police are criminals. Our law enforcement officials need more resources, more education, and more training to do their jobs safely and effectively. Taking money from law enforcement officials will result in less safe neighborhoods and more violence for the most vulnerable among us.

I support our LEOs and the call for more funding that would equip our policemen and women to do their jobs.

If you support someone representing the 7th NC House District who will #BackTheBlue and fight to maintain law and order, would you consider making a needed donation to help me win in November?


Your Friend,

Matthew Winslow for NC House

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