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Time left until next major campaign fundraising deadline. Click here to make a needed donation before time runs out.

Since announcing my candidacy for the 7th House district, I've been focused on communicating one main message: I'm running for public service because I want to help #WinforNC.

Whether it is my track record building a successful small business from the ground up, my service on multiple economic development committees, or my active role giving back to our district and its non-profits, I believe in the local community and I know what it takes for all of us to win.

However, I also know what it is going to take to help our campaign win the 7th district's general election this fall: You

Over the next couple of months, we need to develop a team of donors and volunteers who share our #WinforNC vision. We need your help to ensure we have the donated funds needed to be competitive, and field volunteers recruited in each 7th district precinct and local election site. In particular, we need supporters who can help us get out the vote, put up yard signs, and most importantly hand out brochures at local election voting site.

If you are able, would you consider clicking here to send me an email letting me know you're willing to help Winslow #WinForNC in November?

Friend, if you also have the financial resources to do so, would you consider clicking here to visit www.WinforNC.com and making a much needed donation towards our important June fundraising deadline (which ends in less than two weeks)?

Your Friend,

Winslow for NC House

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